Special Needs Children in Divorce

Special Needs Children In Divorce

As if divorce wasn’t challenging enough. Divorce with a special needs child has its own set of unique challenges. In my divorce practice I have seen a drastic rise of cases where one or more of the children have special needs. The special needs of a child can range from severe medical issues, developmental disorders to psychological and behavioral syndromes. 

Even in a thriving marriage there may be a difference in opinion of how to best care for and address the needs of a special needs child. Decisions around home care & safety, medication, homeopathic remedies, extracurricular activities can be that much more conflict-ridden when going through a divorce. Even the slightest disagreement can blow up into an accusation of neglect or you could be painted as a poor parent by not wanting “the best” for your child. 

Is it important that you and your spouse are guided towards a solution that is uniquely tailored to your children’s needs. Perhaps you have four children and one child has special needs. Your plan for parenting will likely need to be different for your child with special needs. I often recommend to the families I work with that they consult with an expert in divorce parenting, called a Family Specialist, to create a developmentally appropriate parenting plan for their children. When you determine the best plan for a special needs child this often means creating a unique plan for the special needs child in addition to developing an appropriate parenting plan for your other children.

In the Collaborative Process the Family Specialist’s are trained marriage and family therapists, psychologists and social workers. Family Specialist’s are dedicated experts that help a family structure a parenting plan based on the unique needs of the family and children, including special needs children. 

To learn more about your options in creating a parenting plan that fits your children's unique needs please contact me at the contact information provided.  

Are you really ready for a divorce?

Are you really ready for a divorce?

 Not only is divorce one of the most stressful events a person can experience in their lifetime it can also be the most complicated.  In a divorce it is likely you are juggling major life events like buying and/or selling a house, moving, separating property, dividing retirement, transitioning work environments, telling the kids, gathering information etc.